The Best VPN for Static IP

Every time you connect to your VPN, your service provider gives you a new IP address. This is is great for privacy, but can make accessing sites that require logging in difficult. With a static IP though, you will have the same address every time. The best VPNs for static IPs will allow you to connect personal websites such as Gmail or Facebook, quickly and securely. By using a VPN with a static IP, you will no longer have to log into sites and services each time you use them. Instead, websites will remember your IP and recognise you, but your device’s personal IP is still protected. Using a VPN with a static IP will provide you with both added security, and convenience.

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$5.75 /mth
12 month

$3.29 /mth
24 month

$7.00 /mth
6 month


With a well designed and simple to use interface, this Panama-based VPN has some serious features and functionality. With Nord you have a top quality provider that includes built in DDoS and DNS leak protection and can be assured of their strict no log policy.

  • Number of servers: 1300
  • Number of locations: 61
  • Maximum devices supported: 6

$12.99 /mth
1 month

$4.99 /mth
1 year


This Netherlands-based provider is fairly new to the VPN space and offers great value and service comparable to the giants they stand among, including 247 support. They also own their own servers which offer consistent speeds and a strict ‘no log policy’.

  • Number of servers: 60+
  • Number of locations: 31+
  • Maximum devices supported: Unlimited

$10.00 /mth
1 month

$5.83 /mth
12 month


US based StrongVPN has servers in 46 cities across 24 countries, and it provides clients for Windows and Mac computers, as well as Android and iOS smartphones or tablets. DNS service included.

  • Number of servers: 650
  • Number of locations: 24
  • Maximum devices supported: 2

$9.90 /mth
1 month

$4.92 /mth
1 year

$8.33 /mth
6 month


This Bulgarian-based VPN provider has over 200 servers in 68 countries, giving plenty of choice when it comes to locations. The firm allows users to share accounts with others, offers P2P support and offers a static IP option.

  • Number of servers: 200
  • Number of locations: 68
  • Maximum devices supported: Unlimited

$9.99 /mth
1 month

$5.00 /mth
12 month


TorGuard offers unlimited speed and data usage, backed by a 99.9% uptime guarantee. In addition, Ad and Malware blocking is included, and additional connections can be purchased.

  • Number of servers: 3000+
  • Number of locations: 55
  • Maximum devices supported: 5

$8.99 /mth
1 month

$5.99 /mth
12 month


SaferVPN has in excess of 400 servers dotted across 30 countries, and boasts a good range of native clients. It offers 24 hour customer support, as well as a 24 hour free trial of the full service.

  • Number of servers: 400
  • Number of locations: 30
  • Maximum devices supported: 5